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Mars Next Brand Identity
Mars Next Poster
Mars Next Tickets
Mars Next Stickers

Mars Next

Project Overview

Mars Next is a campaign with the mission to gain supporters in order to fund the technology and research needed to colonize Mars. Based on Elon Musk’s SpaceX this campaign would be both ambitious and expensive. The materials need to catch the eye of as many people 

as possible, especially ones with deep pockets.

I developed an identity for the campaign Mars Next; including logo, stickers, poster, and tickets. Deliverables must have a cohesive design that expresses the goal of thecampaign targeted towards people in the upper classes.

For the logo I went with a minimalistic style focusing on

the name itself with the red circle to put emphasis on the mission of the campaign. The red circle is repeated on the additional materials, to make the branding cohesive. The fonts used are meant to add contrast yet complement each other. Like the fonts, the color palette is designed to be eye catching, the bright red and white contrasted by the black background.

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