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The Grille Menu (Cover)
The Grille Website (Mobile)
The Grille Website (Desktop)

The Grille At Runways

Project Overview

The Grille At Runways is a restaurant by the Hagerstown Regional Airport. The restaurant is meant to provide a high quality meal to people before they go on and off their flight. However, it is also open to the public, but its not well advertised as such. The Grille needed a new logo, an

updated menu to match the proper aesthetic, a more organized website for desktop and mobile, as well as animated GIF ads.

​The goal of this project was to update and modernize the branding of The Grille At Runways. Rebrand pieces included a new logo, business card, a clear hierarchy and appealing menu, as well as an updated website.


For the logo I focused on bold text with a plane wing illustration. For the menu, I created a more modern layout, a clear hierarchy, and a design that would also be cohesive with the overall branding. I redesigned the website to be more eye catching and easier to navigate. I also created two GIFs that could be used to advertise the restaurant’s events.

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